Health and hygiene which is affordable and sustainable - these are facts that are at the heart of what we believe as a company. Our family business set out with this vision back in 2007 and we have been working hard with our teams in Korea and China to bring you the best products for your bathroom and home.

Izycare is here to serve:

Your Family

We want to provide you with affordable products that are great for all the family


Your Home

Beautiful, aesthetic and pleasing to fit your home

Your World

We think about nature and sustainability - our products aim to reduce water usage, energy and wastage

High quality Electronic Shower Toilets (sometimes called Electronic Bidets) designed and manufactured in South Korea, these Smart Bidet Toilets bring great health benefits, cleanliness and comfort right to your home

Using technology developed in South Korea, our shower heads are specially designed with patent technology to enhance the power of your shower while reducing water usage


Our Cascade range also comes with a water purifying in-line filter for improved health benefits

Shower filters using KDF wool and Calcium Sulfite help to filter chlorine and other impurities in the water for your shower. Much better for your health and for your skin


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Impressed by honest intelligent demo at Allergy show. Purchased shower head. Installed easily at home. It’s excellent - much more power and saves water too. Thank you.

— Liz Brown Siggers at The Bloom Show 2019


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