- Better Hygiene

- Better Comfort

- Better Skincare

Check out the video to see a demonstration of what they do.


Seat Bidets
All-in-One Bidets
How does it work?

Electronic toilet bidets replace toilet paper and are much more hygienic and gentle to your skin and sensitive areas.

A self-cleaning nozzle provides a spray, with the water temperature and pressure all adjustable to provide comfort and care.

No need for toilet paper with a fully temperature adjustable dryer installed. Much more hygienic than conventional toilet paper.

Temperature controlled seat allows for constant body temperature and comfort.

Suitable for adults and children, our designs are not only great for hygiene but the ergonomic designs provide comfort for all the family.

Our Bidets

Our Bidets are designed and manufactured to a high standard in South Korea, with the help of decades of experience. Bidets have been standard build in South Korea and East Asia for many years and are becoming popular in the Middle East and now in the Western world. 

Our bidets come as all-in-one units or as standalone toilet seats. 


In the UK plumbing and electricity will be required. Qualified plumbers and electricians will be able to do this for you. Further information can be found here


Within the M25 we provide an installation service at a cost so please do inform us when you make an enquiry/purchase. 

For any parts, accessories, remote controls for our Bidets please go to the Accessories Page in the menu and you will find them there