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Hand-held showers

Installation is simple - all of our hand held shower heads fit a universal shower hose (1/2 inch). Simply remove the old shower head and screw our shower heads directly on. 

(Please note on the Cascade range there is a protective cover over the end) 

Fixed showers

Typically fixed showers fit a standard 1/2 inch thread which our Softrong fixed ceiling range (SS-50 and SS-60) will fit. Simply unscrew your old shower head and replace it with our heads. (If you are uncertain then please check with your local plumber or contact us for advice).      


You should look to maintain your shower heads regularly to ensure you get the best results.

Click on the relevant shower head range below for instructions on how to maintain your shower heads. 

Please contact us if you have any problems with maintenance or if you have any further queries regarding your shower head.

Maintaining your Softrong 

Maintaining your Cascade Deluxe & Super Deluxe

Maintaining your older Cascade models (Original, Compact, Cascade III)

Softrong Range


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Cascade Deluxe & Super Deluxe

Cleaning the head








Swapping Discs




Replacing the filters













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Cascade Compact, Original and III (Triple)

1. Holding the base firmly, turn the shower head with the shower disc facing up towards you

2. Turn the shower head rim anti-clockwise and unscrew until it comes off entirely

3. Remove the shower head edge, the shower head plate/disc, the washer and the filter

4. Using descaler or vinegar, immerse the shower head plate/disc for a few minutes and then using an old tooth brush scrub off any limescale/dirt on the shower head plate

5. Rinse with clean water and then dry and wipe well with a cloth or similar utensil.

6. Unscrew any other parts of the shower head.

NB please take care when unscrewing the mineral filters as the balls may spill. There are filter blocks for each compartment so remove these carefully and make a note of which minerals and which stoppers went where

7. Use vinegar and lightly scrub any other parts in the shower head that is collecting scale/dirt and then dry well

8. Rinse with clean water and then dry and wipe well with a cloth or similar utensil.

9. You may rinse and clean the mineral balls if they have not dissolved much

10. Once washed, return the minerals into their relevant compartments with their stoppers and then screw back together

11. Finally put the disc back on the shower head.
With the shower head facing up, place the washer flush on the edge

12. With the shower head facing up place the disc with the larger holes facing in and the smaller holes facing outwards

13. Place the shower head edge/ring back on and screw on clockwise until it is tight

14. Fit shower back on and you're ready to use your shower head again as good as new!

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Shower Head

Shower Head Care

Softrong Maintenance
Cascade Maintenance
Cascade Deluxe Maintenance
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