Cascade Deluxe Filter Cartridge

Cascade Deluxe Filter Cartridge


- Replacement filter cartridge for the Cascade Deluxe Showerhead

- Replacement filter contains:

  • Selenium Rich balls and Ceramic cylinder cartridge casket
  • Set of white calcium sulfite mineral balls located in the shower head
  • Spare cloth filter

Upgraded Triple shower filter compatible with the Cascade Deluxe model (only)


Stronger filter than the previous models for Cascade Original & III


3 types of mineral filters: 


Solid Ceramic Cylinder [White in Cartridge]

Upgraded from previous models with a solid ceramic cylinder. Often used in drinking water filters, helps to filter heavy metal impurities and prozate bacteria.


Selenium-rich mineral balls [Yellow in Cartridge]

Adds vitamin C and acts as an anti-oxidant to increase perspiration and metabolism. Releases negative ions in the water (found in natural sources of water) for much better impact on the skin


Alkaline Calcium Sulfite Medical Stones [White]

Help to purify and filter the water by removing residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium


All 3 replacement filters will be included in the package and will typically last 1-2 years depending on overall usage