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Cascade III-360

Cascade III-360

£35.00 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price

This is the newer upgrade to the original Cascade III model (which we no longer stock). 


We have improved the overall design of the shower head

Now with a new and improved 360 swivel head for ease-of-use

It comes with the original filters, a new stop-start button and a sturdier more durable design. 


This model is not suitable for electric showers due to the stop-start button. 

Cascade III-360

- Our upgraded 3-way switch model giving you 3 different shower spray type

- Handheld showerhead with a simple ergonomic design, easy-to-hold and easy-to-use design

- Easy-install - simply replace your old showerhead with this one.

- Uses the same mineral filtering system as the original Cascade III models to help to reduce impurities in the water for softer hair and skin


New Swivel Head & Stop-Start

- Shower head has a new stop-start feature allowing you to easily switch off the flow of water as you use it (useful when rinsing hair, children, pets etc)

- 360 swivel head allows for flexible angling for the shower in different situations

3-way spray

Steel shower plate saves water and helps to increase pressure giving a soft shower feel

- 3 functions giving a soft-dual spray, a stronger wider spray or a powerful jet spray 


NB This model is not suitable for all electric showers but suitable for all other types (including pumped systems). 

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