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Cascade On-Off

Cascade On-Off

£30.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price

Our newest addition to the Cascade Shower head range


- Lovely chrome finish

- New stop-start button for more efficiency and water saving

- Dual filter 

- Easy maintenance, removable and washable shower plate as with all our shower heads


NB This model is NOT recommended for electric shower systems

Cascade On-Off

- Our newest model in the Cascade range with stop-start button

- Handheld showerhead with a improved ergonmic design and chrome finish

- Easy-install - simply replace your old showerhead with this one.


New Stop-Start Button

- The showerhead comes with a new stop-start button for conservation of water

- Ease of stopping and restarting when rinsing hair/body in the shower

- Increase your water saving to save on water and energy bills


Dual filtering system

- Dual filtering in the shower head 

- Selenium-rich balls (yellow) which act as an anti-oxidant 

- Calcium Sulphite balls (white) which will take chlorine and heavy metals out of the water 

- Includes a cotton-cloth filter to stop any dirt, grime getting through 

- Much softer on your hair and skin, less dryness and itchiness on the scalp


NB This model IS NOT suitable for electric showers

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