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Cascade Super Deluxe

Cascade Super Deluxe


The bigger brother of our flagship Cascade Deluxe model with an all improved cartridge filtering system.


The Super Deluxe has a nice wider spray, almost twice as big as the Deluxe, giving you an even, strong spray all the way through. 


It uses the same filtering system as the Cascade Deluxe which is the latest superior filtering system



Currently only available in Clear Blue (Solid white has sold out)



This model is suitable for all shower types including electric showers 

Cascade Super Deluxe

- Our bigger version of the Cascade Deluxe model in the Cascade range with upgraded filtering system

- Handheld showerhead with a simple ergonomic design: easy-to-hold and easy-to-use design

- Easy-install - simply replace your old showerhead with this one.


New Triple Filtering System

- Shower head contains Calcium Sulphite mineral balls to help remove chlorine

- Shower handle contains cartridge with Selenium-rich balls, rich in antioxidants

- Cartridge also contains White ceramic filter, helps to filter impurities and heavy metals. It also helps to reduce limescale


Wide Spray Pattern 

- Almost twice the size of the Cascade Deluxe shower head face giving you a wider and stronger spray pattern

- Does not compromise on water saving


NB This model is suitable for all shower types including electric showers

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