Countertop Instant Heating Water Purifier

Countertop Instant Heating Water Purifier


Brand new Countertop Instant Heating Water Purifier


- 3 stage water filtration for purer, cleaner, healthier water

- 3 second instant water heating for energy efficiency and quick heating

- No plumbing necessary: just plug-in, top up the 3L water tank and ready to use


Our latest addition to our filtering range, now bringing you cleaner, purified water for better taste and better health. 3-litre water tank provides plenty of water for you with 6 different instant temperatures available at the touch of a button with 100C boiled water available within 3 seconds. 


Triple-filtering ensures you have the cleanest water and with daily use the average filter life of each filter ranges from 12-24 months. Easy to install and easy to replace the cartridges meaning minimal maintenance for you and your family.


For further details check out the Product Info section! 

3 Stage Filtration System

  • PAC (Powdered Active Carbon Filter)
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter)
  • CF (Carbon Composite Filter)

Filters chlorine, heavy metals, scale, small particles, bacteria and much more to give you purer filtering water for your home

Very easy to replace - simply open the back, turn the cartridge anti-clockwise and pull out. Place new cartridge in, rotate clockwise and it's ready-to-use.

Easy Install

  • Flexible installation, simply plug-in and you are ready to use
  • You can place it in your kitchen, your dining room, your living room, wherever you want
  • 3 L tank for plenty of water which you can top up whenever needed

3-second Instant Water Heating

  • Latest technology for instant water heating
  • 3 seconds and you can have 100 C boiling water
  • Also available are
    • 42C for warm milk
    • 55 C for melting honey
    • 80 C for coffee (so you don't burn the grounds)
    • 90 C for tea (so you don't overheat the leaves)
    • 100 C for boiling water
  • All of these are available at the touch of a button

HD Touch Screen

  • Comes with HD touch screen for ease-of-use
  • Child lock protectioin
  • Full reset and cleaning
  • TDS monitor (total dissolved solids such as heavy metals, scale etc)
  • Water temperature indicator
  • Full reset and cleaning
  • Filter replacement indicators (will light up when filters need replacing)

Product Dimensions

  • 38.7cm (H) x 20 cm (W) x 45 cm (D)