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iBD-747S All-in-one Toilet Bidet

iBD-747S All-in-one Toilet Bidet

£1,850.00 Regular Price
£1,350.00Sale Price

All-in-one bidet toilet unit with full remote controlled functionality for bidet and flushing system



Designed and built by our partners in South Korea the iBD-747 is our 'All-in-one' toilet unit

It's fully “tankless” with a direct feed from your water supply directly into the toilet

Full flushing capability with two flush types: full and small

A typical toilet will use 8 litres of water per flush

With Tornado Flushing technology (check a video demo of this here) the iBD-747 full flush uses 6 litres and the small flush uses 4.5 litres helping to reduce the amount of water wastage


Full bidet functionality 

Full control via hi-tech wireless remote control

Heated seat, seat sensor, posterior and feminine wash, full massage features, water pressure controls, water/seat/air temperature controls

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