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iBD-747SA All-in-one Toilet Bidet

iBD-747SA All-in-one Toilet Bidet

£2,150.00 Regular Price
£1,650.00Sale Price

All-in-one bidet toilet unit with full remote controlled functionality for bidet and flushing system. This is the same shape, size and design as the 747 model but has the new added features of a auto night light, stainless steel nozzle and auto open/close lid.

Designed and built by our partners in South Korea the iBD-747 SA is our new 'All-in-one' toilet unit

It has new features of night light, auto open-close lid and stainless steel bidet nozzle


The toilet is fully “tankless” with a direct feed from your cold water supply directly into the toilet

Full flushing capability with two flush types: full and small

A typical toilet will use 8 litres of water per flush

With Tornado Flushing technology (check a video demo of this here) the iBD-747 full flush uses 6 litres and the small flush uses 4.5 litres helping to reduce the amount of water wastage


Full bidet functionality 

Full control via hi-tech wireless remote control

Heated seat, seat sensor, posterior and feminine wash, full massage features, water pressure controls, water/seat/air temperature controls


Ergonomic design with a wide toilet seat for maximum comfort

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