Cascade III Close-up

Cascade III


- Dynamic power shower -  durable, easy-install with mineral stones to benefit your skin.

- The Cascade III model comes with Three multi-streams

- Triple mineral filtering system

Hand held flex shower for conventional bathrooms and showerheads

Powerful spray


This is our model with 3 variable sprays on a click system: thin power jet, wide soft spray, dual combo spray


- Light and durable design

- Easy to install with universal fitting

- Three variable streams: Soft Dual, Jet Centre, Cascade Outer

- Click variable sprays: easier to use and more durable than conventional swivel systems 

- Stainless steel shower face for easy maintenance (check out our FAQs for info on maintenance)

- Minerals to help filter and condition the water for a lovely SPA effect (for further information check out the info on the mineral stones)

- Increase pressure by up to 60% (dependent on your water source)

- Decrease water usage by up to 35% (dependent on your water source)

- Diameter of the shower face: 60mm