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Mineral Stone Replacement for Cascade Range

Mineral Stone Replacement for Cascade Range


Mineral stone replacements for models: Cascade III-360, Cascade Original, Cascade Mini & Cascade III


The box contains all 3 mineral stones as replacements mixed together 


(NB Cascade Deluxe requires a different filter set)

Replacement mineral stones for iZycare Cascade showerheads

3 types of mineral stones: 


Far Infra-red Ray Germanium Spheres [Red]

Helps to purify water by through antioxidisation helping blood flow and circulation in your skin and body


Weak acid beauty (Tourmaline spheres) [Black]

Ionises the water which creates a mild soft spa feel to stimulate perspiration and metabolism. Releases negative ions in the water (found in natural sources of water) for much better impact on the skin


Alkaline Cermaic Stones [White]

Help to purify and filter the water removing some of the heavy metals such as lead and cadmium


All 3 replacement balls will be included in the package and will typically last 1-2 years depending on overall usage

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