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SS-50 Main



Dynamic power shower - fixed ceiling/wall shower head, multi directional swivel system

Sprinkle-hole design using clover / heart / polygon shaped holes

Fixed head shower for ceiling or wall fixings


- Water Saving of up to 50% from conventional shower heads

- Increase water pressure by up to 2-3 times

- Over 250 minute holes in the plate to increase pressure and decrease water usage, giving you a soft but strong SPA shower effect

- Easy-to-install with universal shower connection

- High quality design, manufactured in South Korea with a beautiful Chrome-type finish

- NOT recommended for electric showers


High build quality: SUS high quality stainless steel Plate (ABS structural steel, Silicon, NBR, PP steel grade) for long lasting durability 


Once installed you can use these for years and years


Shower plate diameter 50mm

Shower Water Pressure: Max 10KG.F/CM2

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