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Using technology developed in South Korea, our shower heads give you a soft but strong feel. The technology behind the shower heads increases the water power so if you're struggling with low pressure these will be great. They are also eco-friendly saving the amount of water used while still giving you a lovely SPA effect in your own bathroom.

Check out the video to see a demonstration of what our shower heads can do and check our FAQ page for further info

All of our shower heads come with a 14 day free home trial

If you have purchased one of our shower heads in the past, it is important to maintain your shower heads once installed. 

Please click below to check out our 'Shower Head Care' page for further instructions on the best way to look after your shower head

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Our Cascade range helps to save water and increase pressure while also purifying the water to reduce chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria in the water using a special filtering system. A much better overall shower experience: the shower will feel great and the water will be cleaner. Pressure enhancement is up to 75% while you reduce water usage by up to 35% (based on comparisons with conventional shower heads). Filters are easy to replace and can be ordered below.

Key benefits:

  • 60-70% increase in pressure (Deluxe & On-Off models 70-80%)

  • 35-40% water saving

  • Easy maintenance with removable stainless steel disc

  • Dual/Triple filtering technology reducing limescale and removing chlorine, fluoride & heavy metal impurities (Deluxe model has the latest improved filter)

All our Cascade Shower heads work on all shower systems including electric showers (except the On-Off model).


Our Softrong range uses patented technology designed and built in South Korea and are the most powerful and efficient shower heads we offer. The shower heads are designed specifically to save water while helping to increase the pressure of your shower. You can save up to 50% of the amount of water use and increase the pressure by up to 2 times. The disc design is different to the Cascade range giving the higher pressure and water saving.

The showers come with a mesh, polypropylene filter which is easy to clean and will help to filter out some of the impurities.


Key benefits:

  • Double the power (100% increase)

  • 48% water saving

  • Easy maintenance with removable stainless steel disc

  • High quality chrome finish

  • Patented technology

NB Due to the high pressure of the shower heads the Softrong range is NOT suitable for electric showers

For any extra filters, parts, accessories for showers please go to the Accessories Page in the menu and you will find them there

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